Brian Homer


Brian works with us as a consultant. He has experience as a photographer, designer, writer and communications consultant for 30 years working mainly with public sector clients. He has in that time also been actively involved in a wide range of arts-related projects.

As a photographer he was part of the original Handsworth Self Portrait project in 1979 and was also a co-founder of Ten8 an international photography magazine. He spent a period co-running a community photography project in Birmingham and he continues to carry out photography commissions for clients. Recently he curated a photography project about community by Andrew Jackson. In the last two years he has re-visited self-portrait photography.

He has carried out many editing and writing projects including producing all of Guardian cartoonist Steve Bells books and co-writing two of them Waiting for the Upturn and Chairman Blairs Little Red Book. Using his background in community journalism, he now mentors members of the Handsworth community involved in the Hands on Handsworth Magazine project.